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Pre 1980

Cathedral Developments

cathedral developments plan
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Ivan G. Dickinson, Architect


Mark Hicks joins the firm as partner and our first office lease is signed.

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May 1994

Rebranded to Dickinson + Hicks Architects Inc.


Moved to our second office in Orangeville, Ontario

Office #2.jpg
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Wesley Gowing joins the firm as partner.


Rebranded to D+H Architects Inc.

Office #3 - Current.JPG


Moved to our current office located at 45 Mill Street, Orangeville, Ontario

D&H Headshots Finals_2.jpg


Nolan Bentley joins the firm as partner.

"We have had the privilege of working together on a number of different projects with D+H Architects Inc. and consider it a privilege to have worked with them. D+H Architects Inc. have demonstrated a good understanding of the clients needs and have been able to bring a team of dedicated professionals to the projects to help bring the clients vision and needs to reality. In the real world of both time and financial constraints, we have found their firm to be a valuable asset to both our clients and ourselves."


PBS Construction Services Ltd.

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